Well.  I did THAT and then some!  What an wedding photography adventure I had on the Northern Europe Extravaganza/wedding thrown in for good measure! Many Many opportunities to photograph for 12 days.  My camera never left my shoulder if I wasn’t sleeping or bathing!!! Late nights, wine, champagne, cheese, bread, croissants and jam to last me at least two more weeks! I can now drive a stick shift on European highways and not even hit a Frenchman on a rocket disguised as a motorcycle!  However, I didn’t escape  the Utretch police.  I mean really, the bus lane is so uncluttered! Why not drive there?   We all had a great adventure.  Ate some fantastic food.  Saw some incredible countryside.  Met some of the kindest people who helped us find our way in Paris!  If I could give anyone advice on one thing to take with you on a trip, it would be a portable cell phone battery charger.  The walking Nav app is awesome, but drains your battery very quickly.  Then you can’t communicate with your friends on where to meet because you can’t find them at the designated spot…this might have happened.  More than once. Cell data plan would be good as well.  If you can find a Starbucks with free wifi, you can use an App called WeChat to text for free.  Free WiFi is not as available as it is in the US…We are all a little addicted, people!

That being said, thank you to the fantastic people in Utretch, Netherlands for being so welcoming.  We Americans so appreciated your hospitality and fell in love with your beautiful city.  I think I want a bike with a bell now:)





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Grab it now…The Wedding Adventure Begins.

I am sitting in the Delta Sky Lounge for my 7 hour layover in Cincinnati, OH while awaiting my overnight flight to Paris France.  It is very exciting as I will be photographing a wedding in the Netherlands on May 31, 2014!  Following this is a wedding tour from Amsterdam, through Belgium and ending with a 3 day shoot in Paris. 12 days of photography! Truly a wonderful opportunity as an American photographer who is in love with travel and the adventure it brings!  The first time I was in Paris and saw the Eiffel Tower sparkle…sigh.  I know that may sound hokie, but most Americans see Paris as romantic and have a slight love affair with the city.  When I walked into Notre Dame Cathedral, I was struck silent and even now thinking of it, my eyes well with emotion.  Silly, right?

I suppose I am like many Americans.  We tend to stay put over here on our continent hardly venturing from our region except to go on a business trip or perhaps a ski trip. When we get the opportunity to travel abroad and see the cities we learned about in World History, we tend to get a little overwhelmed with excitement.  It is like finally meeting an old friend–one you have only seen in photographs. One that is centuries old.

On this trip, I have the privilege to record through photography, one of the most important events in a couple’s life—their wedding. It takes place in Utrecht, Netherlands and then their “Northern European Extravaganza” trip with family and friends the following week ending with (at this photographer’s request) an iconic photo with my old friend, the Eiffel Tower:)

Here’s to love.  Here’s to adventure. Here’s to opportunity.  Grab it now, people.



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Amber’s Seniorology Session!


What a great session for Amber a recent graduate of Melbourne Central Catholic School in Melbourne, Fl! Amber opted for professional hair and makeup by Will Bernstein of One Love Salon and a collection of her own wardrobe and a few pieces from my Collection!  I always encourage Seniors to have at least one outfit that they love but may not normally wear and it is always a big hit!  Amber opted for 3 of these types of outfits and it was so fun!  This is the Model for a Day session and it lasted about 6 hours from first curl set to last shutter click!  We really go all out-

We started out at One Love Salon with Professional Hair and Makeup. So great.  Amber wanted the works!  Why have photos made looking the way you look every day?  May as well rock it out! And she did! Big soft curls to begin with, to a side pony, headband, hat, side bun.  She really had it all in this session.   An awesome photo/video clip slideshow of the day and 25++ proofs to choose awesome portraits , make mini albums for family and wallets for announcements!

I love this session as does every Senior who experiences it!  Who wouldn’t?! Enjoy Amber’s Photo/Video!



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Olivia wanted the full works for her Seniorography Session!  She came into the studio with her mom and we talked about wardrobe, locations, style of shoot, options for hair styles and set a session date!  We booked her in with Will Bernstein at     One Love Salon in historic downtown Melbourne and settled on the final wardrobe for the shoot!  Seniors…this is the way to go for a polished fabulous session!  Will even comes with us on the shoot to touch up your hair and makeup and change the style if you choose!  Olivia accessorized her wardrobe with statement necklaces that really made her outfits pop without being too overwhelming.  We shot at 3 different locations and even had a fun surprise outfit at the very end that you can see on my Facebook Timeline.  (I love hats).  Watch Olivia’s Senior video and then book your own Seniorography Session through the SAY HELLO tab at the top of the page!


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What a Girl Wants apparently is…

…a fundraiser for Serene Harbor– a domestic violence shelter for women, their children and even their pets. What a great event for a great cause!  There were cookies, cupcakes, jewelry, health products, beauty products and services, limousine services, a silent auction and an huge raffle with tons of prizes and much more!! Oh, and did I mention…

Click HERE for more —or less *wink wink* where this came from AND photos of the awesome vendors and ALL event photos!!

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