Feel Beautiful and Exist in Print


Feel Beautiful.  It means many things to many people.  Ladies–When is the last time you had someone photograph only YOU? Can’t remember? Are you always the one behind the camera while your Life goes undocumented? Yea…me too until I had a colleague photograph me. I had my hair done, makeup done etc. and then had my photograph taken and loved it! I did it for several reasons. My boys needed a photograph of just their mom and my husband needed a photograph of just his wife. I needed a photograph of me to remind myself of what I looked like in a flattering photograph!  This is one of the core reasons for the Feel Beautiful Session.

No more excuses like, “I look terrible in photos!” or “I need to wait until I lose some weight.” It’s all in the posing and and lighting ladies. Posing you is my job.  No worries.  These are beautiful and simple photos. Classic and timeless. No boudoir or glamour shots. (Although I do offer a “White Sheet Session!) Think Vanity Fair Classic. These are photographs for anywhere in your home or office or that special place in your bedroom.

An in studio consultation will familiarize you with the Feel Beautiful session. It will be an opportunity to plan your wardrobe, coordinate our dates, ask any questions you may have regarding pricing and hold the gorgeous Folio Box that will contain your chosen matted photographs!

Feel Beautiful Sessions Are $190.

Booking a Feel Beautiful Session:

Sessions include hair styling and makeup, wardrobe consultation & styling, fully guided shoot, portrait reveal and order session, full retouching and payment plans.

Bring your favorite frocks and choose from a few we have here if you like!  Sessions last about 2 hours and you will leave looking and feeling Gorgeous!  Make reservations at that new restaurant and to that show you have been wanting to see!


Folio Box Collections

I offer 3 Collections with Beautiful Folio Boxes containing up to 18 of your most cherished portraits from your session. Larger Folios available!

You purchase only what you love and all of these portraits come with it’s Digital File on a beautiful crystal USB

You may also choose a matted portrait for your wall with custom framing from a local artisan.






Bookings and Inquires

Contact me!  for session details and pricing.  I look forward to seeing you through my lens!! Remember #ExistInPrint



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