Well.  I did THAT and then some!  What an wedding photography adventure I had on the Northern Europe Extravaganza/wedding thrown in for good measure! Many Many opportunities to photograph for 12 days.  My camera never left my shoulder if I wasn’t sleeping or bathing!!! Late nights, wine, champagne, cheese, bread, croissants and jam to last me at least two more weeks! I can now drive a stick shift on European highways and not even hit a Frenchman on a rocket disguised as a motorcycle!  However, I didn’t escape  the Utretch police.  I mean really, the bus lane is so uncluttered! Why not drive there?   We all had a great adventure.  Ate some fantastic food.  Saw some incredible countryside.  Met some of the kindest people who helped us find our way in Paris!  If I could give anyone advice on one thing to take with you on a trip, it would be a portable cell phone battery charger.  The walking Nav app is awesome, but drains your battery very quickly.  Then you can’t communicate with your friends on where to meet because you can’t find them at the designated spot…this might have happened.  More than once. Cell data plan would be good as well.  If you can find a Starbucks with free wifi, you can use an App called WeChat to text for free.  Free WiFi is not as available as it is in the US…We are all a little addicted, people!

That being said, thank you to the fantastic people in Utretch, Netherlands for being so welcoming.  We Americans so appreciated your hospitality and fell in love with your beautiful city.  I think I want a bike with a bell now 🙂





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